Christ The King UCC

11370 Old Halls Ferry Road

Florissant, MO 63033

Phone: 314.741.6808 





Agape Circle - Women's Ministry

The Agape Circle is the official Women's Ministry of Christ The King. The women lead several charitable initiatives throughout the year. Agape Circle is open to all women of the church. The group meets 2nd Thursday of every month.

Bible Study

Bible study is a chance for a group of members to come together and have a chance to join in fellowship, and learn the teachings of the Holy Bible with one another.  Non members are welcome to come together as this is open to all.

Board of Christian Education (BCE)

BCE is the oversight ministry for the teaching units of the church. In addition to Sunday School, BCE is responsible for Vacation Bible School, Youth educational engagement and activities within the church. BCE is open to all members of Christ The King. The ministry meets 2nd Sunday of every month after worship.

Children's Church

Kids are welcome to join in!  We have a ton of fun stuff going on here.  We get to learn about the life of Jesus and the Bible while often digging into some games and arts and crafts.

Church Council

The Church Council is the governing body of the church. Comprised of 8 elected persons from among the congregation, 2 ministry leader position (Deacons and BCE) and the Pastor, the Church Council acts on the behalf of the church in all business matters. Council meetings are open to all members and occur on the 4th Monday of every month. Council Member elections are held during Annual Meeting which is the fourth Sunday in January.

Deacon Board

The Deacons of the Church are the designated spiritual assistants to the Minsterial staff. Deacons are chosen based on spiritual maturity, active discipleship, consistent bibical study and praxis, and disciplined stewardship. The duties are scriptural: to pray with and care for the sick among us, and to tend to those matters that make it easier for the elders to focus on preaching and teaching the congregation. Both men and women can be deacons according to scripture. In the Bible, Phoebe is described as a deacon. There is no such thing as a Deaconess in scripture. Deacons meet the Saturday before the first Sunday.

GED classes

GED is offered in conjunction with Parkway School District. Classes are held in the John Outtz Classroom on Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-8:30pm. King's Men members serve as volunteer monitors during GED class sessions.

Kings Men​​​​​​​

King's Men is the official Men's Fellowship Circle of Christ The King. The men lead several charitable initiatives throughout the year. Kings Men is open to all the men of the church. The group meets second Saturday of the month at 9:00 am.

Music Ministry (Band/Choir/Chorale/Praise Team)

The Church Music Ministry is under the direction of our Minister of Music it is comprised of the church band, choir, chorale and praise team. The music ministry meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays unless otherwise directed. Members interesed in joining the CTK music ministry should contact the Minister of Music, President of the choir or any member of the Deacons' Ministry or Pastor.


Unspoken Reverence Mime Ministry

Mime ministry is open to all young members of Christ The King. The ministry rehearsal is on Wednesday 7-8pm.

Ribbons of Praise Liturgical Dance Ministry

Liturgical dance is open to all young members of Christ The King. The ministry rehearsal is on Wednesday 6-7pm.

Ushers Ministry​​​​​​​

Ushers serve the people who enter Christ The King UCC and create an atmosphere for hospitality.  They are, in simple terms, “doorkeepers for the house of the Lord.”  Ushers offer a friendly smile, warm greeting and communication that demonstrates Christian love from the moment guests enter the Christ The King UCC sanctuary.